Wheel Clean 1L (34 fl oz) Concentrated Refill

  • Wheel Clean 1L (34 fl oz) Concentrated Refill

Wheel Clean 1L (34 fl oz) Concentrated Refill



This 1L Refill pod is Concentrated. We recommended Dilution 1:1 with mains water.

The world's best wheel cleaner, designed by detailers, for detailers. Quicker and better results than you have ever achieved before.

Wheel Clean has been the most efficient wheel cleaner available since its introduction in 2006. Now, in its fifth iteration, absolutely nothing targets and removes brake dust as efficiently as Wheel Clean.

Wheel Clean will not damage any paint or glass.
Should you make the mistake of applying it to the body, replace waxes on any section of your vehicle where Wheel Clean is been applied.

Wheel Clean will clean most dirty wheels without requiring any touching and requires only light agitation from a wheel brush for very heavily soiled wheels, even with baked on dusting.


Directions of use


1. For best results, spray a few pumps of Wheel Clean directly onto cool (never hot) wheels.
2. Allow Wheel Clean to dwell for 1-2 minutes.
3. Remove by rinsing, preferably with high pressure water.

For heavily soiled wheels, use a wheel brush to agitate and allow slightly longer dwelling times.

Important: Wheel Clean contains two active ingredients which separate. When refilling containers, shake refill container well before dispensing. Always shake well before each and every use to ensure both components are used simultaneously.


Packaging: Traditional Final Inspection 1 Litre refill pod.

Refill and professional sizes: 1 Litre l 5 Litre l 20 Litre l 1,000 Litre IBC

Version information: v5 l optimised 2016

Design and manufacture: designed and manufactured in Australia from Australian raw ingredients.