Welcome to the world of Final Inspection


Established in 1997, Final Inspection manufacture the best car care solutions available that are surprisingly affordable and user-friendly.

The majority of our products are sold through our distributor and retailer network to professional detailers and enthusiasts in over 10 countries.



Support & Education

Final Inspection has always believed in first clas service, after-sales support and education for our customers.

We were the first car care product company in Australia to offer Detailing Clinics.  The Detail Addiction forum was established in 2006 and with over 5,000 topics is a comprehensive information resource.

Our blog, launching in 2013 is an easy way to refer and keep up to date with the latest car care related information.

Final Inspection offer a comprehensive video library via YouTube (available from product via QR Code)

Customers are available to downloadable MSDS for peice of mind (available from product via QR Code).


Local and Green

Over 90% of the product sold by Final Inspection is manufactured in Victoria, Australia by Final Inspection, from raw ingredients sourced in Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland and Western Australia.

Our carbon footprint is small and our local economy is prioritised.

Where not possible, Final Inspection manufacture exclusively in Germany (polish), Italy (polish) and Korea (nanofibre).

When you support a Final Inspection retailer with a purchase, you support their company, head office, couriers -our entire supply chain and everyone that is employed as a result and we all thank you for your custom :)


Final Inspection package our products to the very highest standards.

Our 500ml Spray Pack products are designed to be refilled and our refill packs (for all our liquids) ranging from 1 Litre to 1000 Litres equate to less waste.

All Final Inspection packaging is recyclable.



Made in Australia.

Made with passion, by experienced detailers.

Over 50% of the product sold by Final Inspection was designed and manufactured by very experienced professional detailers in conjunction with qualified chemists.

One of our products was the first of its type (Exxtender), an invention some detailers cannot live without!



Welcome to the world of Final Inspection,


Damian Angelucci

CEO Final Inspection Australia P/L