Final Inspection's business solutions are provided for individuals and professional detailers.

If you would like to do business with Final Inspection to increase productivity, earning potential or efficiency training, please browse the options available below and contact us.



Launched in 2009, Final Inspection has always provided a flat rate discount for professional detailers who supply an ABN and website or social media page link.  We have always supported our industry with both product and services that include training and business support.  If you're a professional detailer, or looking to begin a detailing business, contact Final Inspection for advice and to learn more about the products and services we have that can launch and/or improve your business.



Launched in 2017, the Final Inspection Affiliate Program allows current Final Inspection customers to provide new customers with an introductory discount on products, Final Inspection logs the sales the affiliate has made and rewards them monthly for creating customers who place orders.  If you're interested in supporting Final Inspection in this way, contact us and we will modify your account so you can benefit from your referrals to customers.

You're probably already recommending Final Inspection to friends and family, Final Inspection appreciate and believe you should be rewarded for this.



Launched in 2014, almost a dozen detailers and individuals are enjoying retailing Final Inspection products to their customers and friends.  Drop shipping isn't exclusive to Final Inspection, it is a supply chain method in which the seller (that could be you as a detailer or individual) supplies (in this case Final Inspection products) with products you don't have to stock or purchase prior to sale.

How does it work?  You place the orders as you normally would on this site, you receive a discount and your friend or customer pays the rrp and is sent the goods directly by Final Inspection from our Melbourne warehouse.

How much can I make?  Initially you can receive a 10% discount of which you keep the difference as your profit margin.  At $1,000 per month, your discount increases to 20% and at $2,000 your discount increases again to 30%.

$5,000 per month is the maximum tier and the discount is 40%.


What are the benefits of drop shipping with FI?

No risk  You don't purchase or hold stock and if you don't sell, you don't lose anything, Final Inspection absorb all the risk.

Final Inspection are able to offer these discounts because we are manufacturers, we don't re-brand other goods (we never have) and we manufacture from the earliest stages in a single facility for efficiency, something we have been working hard to do for almost 15 years.  No other company in Australia operates as efficiently as we do.

Support  Your customers will enjoy all the after sales support Final Inspection provides and can contact Final Inspection for any support via email, phone, our Facebook based support group (Detail Addiction), our Facebook page or our Instagram page.

Your details will be visible to potential customers on our main site.

Final Inspection support for business has been a priority since our programs began.

Content  Content is king, if you have nothing to show, you will find it difficult to generate interest, Final Inspection has that covered with regularly updated content of the highest quality.

To improve your business, Final Inspection offer all our IP for you to use whilst you are an authorised retailer, so you have access to and can use any and all of our images on this site, our Flickr gallery and our social media accounts.
Final Inspection has an enormous (over 2TB) database of the very highest still and video imagery stretching back to 2002.

You cannot and must not use any non watermarked image without crediting Final Inspection and cannot and must not continue to use Final Inspection IP if your authorisation to retail Final Inspection products is discontinued.

What are the downsides of drop shipping with FI?

Initially, you are on a 10% margin.  This is the lowest risk program and thus has the lowest starting point in terms of profitability.

What do I have to do to qualify?

You must have a business, this may be as simple as a social media page, however, it must be a business and set up correctly as one, you also must have an ABN which you must supply to Final Inspection.  You must also maintain a minimum of 2 orders per month and pass a check by Final Inspection that ensures you will treat your customers as we do ours, we expect a minimum level of service from any authorised re-seller.  You do not receive any profits until the basic criteria is met and your account activated as a drop ship re-seller.  If you fall below the 2 order threshold you are not forwarded profits.  This is a mechanism to protect Final Inspection from customers who join the program purely for discounts.




Launched in 2010, our physical retailers have been providing walk-in customers the opportunity to purchase Final Inspection products from a physical location other than the Final Inspection factory in Melbourne.  The benefits of the retailer program are maximised profit margins, the negatives are having to purchase stock in MOQ (minimum order quantities) and maintaining and storing stock of at least the basic range of 12 products, some of which are available in 2 sizes.  Examples of retailers are Technique Automotive in Eltham Victoria and Autobahn Elizabeth in South Australia.





Dozens of companies are enjoying Final Inspection technology to empower their brand, our private label program has been running since 2009 and the products that result are sold in 12 countries.  They range from car care products, office, home and medical cleaning products, optical and similar industries.

Final Inspection engineer bespoke products for tiny boutique businesses, like Final Inspection, to big brands including some of the world's biggest cleaning companies.  Final Inspection have some of the most efficient manufacturing processes including the ability to manufacture from raw ingredients and design and manufacture packaging, sometimes from completely local sources.