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Denim OPR Pad - Final Inspection Car Care Products Denim OPR Pad - Final Inspection Car Care Products




Denim OPR pads reduce orange peel texture of the paint surface by removing film build from the tops of the 'hills' that are the make-up of the 'hill and valley' orange peel texture.
Denim pads are the equivalent to 2ooo grit abrasive sanding discs and whilst use of these pads doesn't result in the marred surface you expect from a 2ooo grit sanding disc, the film build removal is as aggressive.

Unlike sanding paper or discs, OPR pads allow for gradual texture correction in a far more progressive manner, blending texture with OPR pads is a much more forgiving experience.
Velvet OPR pads are for skilled and experienced professionals or advanced amateurs only as they are deceivingly aggressive and do remove a substantial amount of film build, very quickly.

Directions of use

1. Make sure panels to be texture corrected are clean, dry and free of surface contaminants, decontamination is essential for efficient OPR. It is highly recommended to diagnose surfaces for sufficient film build with an accurate and properly calibrated PTT.

2. Centre your OPR pad to your backing plate and use a slow speed with a small amount of polish to correct surface as you would if you were to polish with a foam or NanoFibre pad. Final Inspection recommend CAP Heavy with OPR pads but you will be able to utilise any C.A.P polish.

3. Remove polish with a NanoFibre Paintwork Cloth and Paint Cleanse and check surface for texture correction.



- If correction levels are yet to be reached, repeat step 2 and 3.
- It is recommended to check film build levels with a PTT after texture correction for documentation.
- An interface pad may be used (between OPR pad and backing plate) for varied correction characteristics.