NanoFibre Glass System

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NanoFibre Glass System



The Final Inspection Glass System, a revolutionary new way to easily and quickly clean glass including tinted glass without chemical and without streaks, smears or smudges.

The NanoFibre Glass System is the best tool for glass maintenance.

Clean glass is part of a safe and comfortable driving experience and it is important to have clean glass constantly. Maintaining glass should be simple and easy and the Glass System makes this so.

With it's generously sized components, these tailored cloths will gently but effectively and efficiently remove weekly build-up of temporary contaminants from your vehicles glass surfaces without chemical.


Why NanoFibre?

The NanoFibre cloths deep clean and remove oils and dirt from the glass surface, leaving nothing to cause streaks or smears.


Performance, direction of use and glass cleaning information

Wash new NanoFibre before first use

The Glass System consists of two cloths, a Step 1 and a Step 2.

Step 1 is a Dark Green coloured absorbent cloth used first, slightly damp, to deep clean glass by removing oils and dirt, pulling them away from the surface.

Step 2 is a LIGHT GREEN tightly woven cloth used to remove any residual water on the glass surface and deliver a smear free finish.

The best way to clean glass is to remove materials from the surface, not add to the surface, thus, using glass cleaning chemicals is only recommended if your glass is heavily soiled and/or the debris requires some chemical to assist to break down the debris.

Smearing occurs as a result of material left on the surface, it is vital to use the best, most absorbent cloth to remove all materials from the glass surface in order to achieve the highest clarity and transmission without any ghosting or smearing from thin deposits left on the glass surface. It is also important to use a dry, tight woven cloth for finishing to atomise water and encourage evaporation of very small water particles to avoid visible watermarks.


Quality and Specification

Yarn Denier: 0.01

Yarn Type: Multi Split

GSM: STEP1: 400 l STEP 2: 300

Density: STEP1: ~150,000 f/mm l STEP2: ~100,000 f/mm

Weave: STEP 1: Twisted Pile / Moquet Weave l STEP 2: Tight Hook / Wave Weave

Size: 400 x 400mm (~15.8 x ~15.8in)

Edge: Hand Sewn NanoFibre

Colour: STEP 1: Dark Green / White Edge l STEP 2: Light Green / White Edge

Packaging: Traditional Final Inspection re-usable plastic NanoFibre box

Version: v2 l optimised 2010


NanoFibre Care

Care of all NanoFibre products involves removal of dirt and debris as soon as possible with gentle cleaners. Final Inspection recommend Peppermint anti-bacterial NanoFibre wash solution, using no more than 60deg water temperature.