Hand Pocket Applicator - Dressing

  • Hand Pocket Applicator - Dressing

Hand Pocket Applicator - Dressing



Hand Pocket Applicator - Dressing

Use the Blue Hand Pocket Applicator as a dedicated applicator for dressing interior plastics with a vinyl dressing (such as Royal Satin), to apply tyre dressings (such as Royal Satin).

This applicator is recommended to be used for application of protective sealants/waxes to wheels such as Full Metal Jacket Spray Wax.


Blue is the colour code for wheels.
The Blue Colour makes it easy to stop cross contamination from product applicators which can occur, even after washing.

The 'Hand Pocket' applicator is reversible, simply pull the hand pocket over the top of the applicator

The Hand Pocket Applicator solves the issue of applying Dressings, which are usually sticky in nature, from coming into contact with your hands. Using the Hand Pocket Applicator helps avoid the contact with the product that usually occurs when using a cloth and using a Hand Pocket Applicator also greatly reduces the risk of dropping the Applicator onto the ground and picking up contaminants.


Why a NanoFibre Applicator?
Unlike sponge, a NanoFibre applicator is properly machine washable, making it a much safer alternative.
Sponges have thousands or millions of cells that catch and harbour debris and that debris is re-introduced to your surface with every wipe, along with ever increasing marring as the sponge fills with swirl inducing particles. The plastic used to make foam is also aggressive and creates additional marring, so even from the very first wipe, a NanoFibre applicator is protecting your surfaces.


This applicator is designed to prime faster while absorbing less product. It loads quickly with very little product, but primes evenly and re-distributes products consistently with ease.

It has a small, tight 'Hand Pocket' designed to reduce fatigue and a small surface area to reduce unnecessary product absorption and loss which is important when using expensive products.

Very high quality NanoFibre with durable, double foam core.

The applicator consists entirely of NanoFibre with the exception of the foam core. Edging is NanoFibre, not silk, rayon, nylon, cotton or any other organic materials that mark glossy surfaces. You will find no nasty 'edgeless' technology in any of our NanoFibre products.




Yarn Denier: 0.01

Yarn Type: non-split

GSM: 300

Density: ~100,000 f/mm

Weave: Tight Loop / Grid

Size: 135mm (5.5in) diameter / 35mm (1.5in) thick

Edge: External (Hand Sewn NanoFibre)

Colour: Blue

Packaging: Re-usable plastic box


NanoFibre Care
Care of all NanoFibre products involves removal of dirt and debris as soon as possible with gentle cleaners. Final Inspection recommend Peppermint anti-bacterial NanoFibre wash solution, using no more than 60deg water temperature. Do not use Fabric Softener.