Cleanse STRONG 500ml (16.91 fl oz)

  • Cleanse STRONG 500ml (16.91 fl oz)

Cleanse STRONG 500ml (16.91 fl oz)



Dubbed 'The Tarminator', Cleanse STRONG makes light work of tar and most sub-surface contaminants on paint, glass and chrome.


Purify and clarify any painted or glass surfaces by removing tar, adhesives and light sub-surface contamination with this thorough chemical paint cleanser, best used directly after mechanical decontamination (claying).

Designed primarily to quickly and efficiently remove oils & tar from paintwork, Cleanse STRONG will safely remove the majority of surface and sub-surface contaminants from paint, glass, wheels and chrome.

This blog post from our head detailer very effectively demonstrates the ability of Cleanse STRONG to remove tar.


Directions of use
For best results;

1. Apply Cleanse STRONG only to a clean and dry vehicle with cool surfaces and never in direct sunlight. Always use Cleanse STRONG in a well-ventilated area.

2. Spray 3-5 doses onto a Clean NanoFibre Paintwork Cloth and a little onto the surface. Allow to dwell for 20 seconds or longer, do not allow to dry.

3. Wipe paint, glass and chrome to remove tar and/or contaminants. Repeat if necessary.

Use a NanoFibre Wheel Cloth for Wheels to remove built-up and baked-on tar.

IMPORTANT: re-apply waxes or sealants to any area where you have used Cleanse STRONG.
A much more elaborate explanation of the recommended Final Inspection process and alternatives are available by clicking here.


Packaging: Traditional Final Inspection 500ml re-fillable pump pack w/ variable control trigger

Refill and professional sizes:  20 Litre

Version information: v2 l optimised 2012

Design and manufacture: designed and manufactured in Australia