Lexus NX300 : White : Rejuvenation Detail

Let's get straight into things with images of the issues we're correcting on this new vehicle.
We've got your classic etching (watermarking):

NX300 : Mild Etching (Watermarking)
We've got your etching combined with iron contamination and debris:


We've got your general fallout and lots, lots more.
Every panel, every millimeter, covered in stuff that's holding this car back from looking and feeling new, it's not sheeting water, in fact it's holding onto a significant amount of it which exacerbates the issues and makes cleaning a chore.

When cleaning is difficult and time consuming, customers tend to do it less often, especially in Melbourne's icy cold winter this year and that snowballs the problem, the issues get worse, the car looks worse, any detail we do later on will cost more, so it's best to attack these issues early, seal it properly and make keeping it slick nice and easy:)


We removed the watermarking with a light polish using a Velvet Revolver, a 135mm NanoFibre pad and CAP Heavy, the washer jets were cleaned with Cleanse STRONG and a soft toothbrush then polished using a Paintwork NanoFibre cloth and a 2ml dot of CAP Heavy.  The general contamination was erased with, well, The Eraser, we could have used an iron converter, but that only targets iron and takes longer, it's also a stinky chemical that must be used in a VERY well ventilated environment and wear protective gloves etc. and that's just silly when The Eraser targets ALL types of surface contamination, it does it with a 1:5 mix of plain mains water and Lube and it's actually quicker as we use it with the Velvet Revolver.  This is how smart professionals who make money by achieving more bang for buck for their customers, only amateurs worry about fancy stuff that changes colour, inefficiencies and safety compromises for no apparent reason.  But we digress.

So, after the thorough wash (we won't run through that process every time we cover a detail, you can see that in previous posts), the interior clean (vacuum, clean plastics and internal glass) and the decontamination, we move the big white Lexus into #TheCleanroom and start on the correction which is a very light going over with the Velvet Revolver and a 135mm NanoFibre w/ CAP Heavy.  After that we want to dress the tyres, but first, these tyres are so dirty that we must clean them first.


So Tyre Dressing BEFORE the paint protection DetailStig?  Why don't you dress tyres last?
Good question, more often than not we prefer to spray our dressing rather than brush it on via brush or applicator, because it looks better when you have a significant amount of detail in the sidewall.  We never dress race rubber, we will usually just clean it with Jaffa and Cleanse STRONG for that clean, gummy fresh rubber look (because race cars don't have shiny tyres).  We don't like dressing on black wheels and if we aren't sure about the dressed look, we'll apply nothing until the customer collects the vehicle and apply it then if they would prefer to have it.

Here's our wheel cleaning method for any car in for a detail:

Even though we applied Jaffa, lightly brushed it and high pressure rinsed it from the tyres in the wash, there is still some dirt in the rubber and that will hinder the adhesion of the tyre dressing which is turn will cause some of it to sling off the wheel at high rotational speeds.  Nothing worse than tyre dressing all over the side of a car, especially a crisp white one.

So, Jaffa goes on all four tyres, we then go back to the first and remove it from all four with a Wheel Nanofibre, then apply Cleanse STRONG to remove any trace of Jaffa, sticker residual and remove the tyre balancing markings.
Now Tyre Dressing can be applied and it will sink deep into the naked rubber to hold onto it properly.  No slinging!

After that a quick clean of the wheels with Paint Cleanse where any tyre dressing over-spray may have landed and we begin the FMJPP (Full Metal Jacket Paint Protection).


As usual, all paint, all glass, headlights, tail lights, badges, uncoated plastics, wheels -everything bar the tyres are coated in FMJPP:


Bespoke Imaging do the photo thing and bam, the customer has silky smooth, glassy looking paint and crystal clear glass that won't require wipers above 60km/h, effortless cleaning and that sparkly sparkly we all want (and deserve) when we purchase a new car.


We hope you enjoyed this as we always do, we want to say thank you to our customer for the job.

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