Velvet Revolver Kit

$247.00 $225.00 -9%
  • Velvet Revolver 8mm orbit dual-action polisher
Velvet Revolver 8mm orbit dual-action polisher Velvet Revolver 8mm orbit dual-action polisher Velvet Revolver 8mm orbit dual-action polisher

Velvet Revolver Kit

$247.00 $225.00 -9%


This Velvet Revolver Kit Contains -


The Velvet Revolver is an exclusive professional quality random orbital polisher designed by Final Inspection featuring a powerful 1000 watt (input) motor, mated to an 8mm orbit differential able to spin up to 150mm pads for efficient, but safe cutting power for unskilled or seasoned enthusiasts alike. The Velvet Revolver is not a rotary polisher, therefore it is not dangerous for inexperienced users.



The Velvet Revolver is ergonomically perfect, as with all Final Inspection products, the machine is designed by detailers, for detailers.

Speed control is as it should be, perfectly positioned for your thumb, not at the base of the machine which requires you to remove your hand from the machine in order to adjust speed during correction.

As with the speed control, the on and off switch is located where your index finger naturally falls, not at the head of the machine so you maintain control whilst that initial movements are made -not quickly repositioning your hands where they should be.

All Velvet Revolvers arrived in a hard case for safe storage and transport, spare bushes that are user replaceable and a one year warranty against manufacturing faults and defects.


Included Accessories

Your Velvet Revolver KIT comes with;

- Hard case, this is the recommended case to store and transport your polisher.

- 125mm backing plate, this allows for 135mm (and up to 150mm) pads that will allow you to polish most paint, chrome and glass on most cars. 135mm is the industry standard size for most paintwork correction on most vehicles.

- Spare Carbon Brushes, these are user replaceable, however, you can send your machine back to Final Inspection (you pay the shipping both ways) and we will replace the brushes for you.

- Spanner and screwdriver, the spanner is used to release backing plates and screwdriver to release side screw for accessories (see below).

- 1x 275ml CAP Heavy

- 2x 135mm NanoFibre Pads


Setting up the Velvet Revolver for the first time

- Remove the machine from its hard case and lay it upside down.

- Place the spanner supplied into the notch in the head with the opening of the spanner in the threaded nut which is the spindle.

- Place your included 125mm backing plate (or optional 75mm backing plate) into the threaded nut and twist it clockwise by hand until it tightens, when it is lightly hand tight, holding the spanner, twist the backing plate another 1/8th of a turn (to about 10ftlb/15Nm). IMPORTANT: Do not over tighten, hand tight is ample.

- Attach a Nanofibre pad that is slightly larger than the backing plate, i.e. 90mm pad for a 75mm backing plate, 135mm pad for a 125mm backing plate.

To disassemble, repeat the process in reverse and store your Velvet Revolver in its hard case.


Recommend pads and polishes

The Velvet Revolver is designed to use only with NanoFibre (or Microfibre) pads. Do not use foam pads with your Velvet Revolver. Your Velvet Revolver is now ready for polishing! :)

When attaching The Eraser for decontamination, Final Inspection recommends an Eraser exactly or close to the size of the backing plate, i.e. 125mm Eraser with a 125mm backing plate.


Optional accessories

Optional accessories such as;

- 75mm backing plate for smaller pads, giving you the ability to polish in tight areas for full coverage of a vehicle, not just the big bits.

- 'Lucian' diagnostic tool, designed to be mated to the Velvet Revolver specifically, Lucian is designed for this specific purpose, immediate and real time diagnosis of your correction. No more head-mounted lights designed for cycling, or camera phone lights that require you to have three hands, no searching for that ceiling light reflection, there's always a light source 1 inch away from your paint, always at the same distance and the same angle for you to instantly see when you need to stop polishing.


Using the Velvet Revolver

The Velvet Revolver works like most quality random orbit / dual action polishing machines, although ergonomically and functionally, it is slightly different as it is designed by our professional detailers.

Final Inspection, with our detailers, are working on a 3 part 'Mastering the Velvet Revolver' course for Velvet Revolver owners.

Here is part one.

Here is part two.

Part three is yet to be produced, please check back later :)