The Eraser 125mm Ø

  • The Eraser 125mm Ø clay/decontamination tool

The Eraser 125mm Ø



The Eraser clay/decontamination tool revolutionises the way detailers decontaminate surfaces and will soon mark the end of cumbersome and time consuming clay bar treatment.

The Eraser uses polymers to pull away surface contaminants without aggressive mechanical action.
The repetitious movement of claying a car severely reduces efficiency as it fatigues the detailer.
The Eraser solves this issue by utilising a machine to carry out all the leg work.
The Eraser also reduces marring significantly and provides a significantly higher rate of contamination removal.

The Eraser is designed for random orbital machine use, but may be used by hand.


Directions of use
For best results;

1. Only use the Eraser on a clean, dry vehicle and only work one panel at a time.

2. Lubricate panel with Final Inspection Clay Lube (diluted at a ratio of 1:10 with plain water)

3. Work the Eraser at a speed of approximately 5000 opm moving the machine slowly to ensure thorough cleaning.

4. Remove lubricant immediately after panel has been decontaminated.


Surface decontamination with The Eraser (mechanical decontamination) should always be followed by a sub-surface (chemical) decontamination. We highly recommended following The Eraser with a wipe down utilising Cleanse STRONG for thorough mechanical and chemical decontamination.


Maintenance & FAQ
For best results, keep the Eraser clean, and free of dust. Clean it with lubricant before the next use by spraying lubricant onto the pad and removing the lubricant (along with any dust) by wiping the face with a paintwork cloth.

Use the Eraser on a section of glass first before using it on paintwork to clean and soften the face.

If your Eraser is marking paintwork, it is highly likely that it is contaminated and requires cleaning or replacement, this is why clean storage is important, treat your Eraser like you would a clay bar in terms of storage.

If your Eraser is slow to remove contaminants, it may require replacement. The Eraser will decontaminate 5 vehicles before performance drops but will decontaminate 20-30 vehicles before performance deteriorates significantly.