Purity 5L (169 fl oz) Refill

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Purity 5L (169 fl oz) Refill



5L Refill Pod

Purity is a bactericidal, virucidal, fungicidal and sanitising agent designed to eliminate germs from all interior surfaces in your car leaving it significantly cleaner than what most interior cleaning products alone can achieve.

Purity is designed to bring bacteria levels down to a much safer level and recommended to be used to remove chemical residue from interior cleaners and when passengers are experiencing sickness. Purity works by hindering microbial activity, more specifically, a bacterial cell's capability to reproduce.


Directions of use:

USE IN A WELL VENTILATED AREA, do not use Purity in a cabin with closed doors. Spray 4-6 pumps of Purity onto a clean (not used for any other purpose or with any chemical) NanoFibre Interior Cloth and wipe surfaces leaving them wet for at least 30 seconds. Remove purity from the surface with either the dry side of the cloth or a separate clean, dry NanoFibre Interior Cloth.



Surfaces must remain wet for 30 seconds for Purity to work. If surfaces do not stay wet for more than 30 seconds, add more Purity to the cloth and repeat. For hard surface and transparent plastics, if streaking remains, re apply a very small amount of product to a dry cloth and remove immediately (no wetting time) for a streak free finish. For higher gloss on wood trim and other high gloss surfaces, we recommend applying a very small amount of Gloss Boost.


Packaging: Traditional Final Inspection 5L Refill Pod

Refill and professional sizes: 1 Litre l 5 Litre l 20 Litre l 1,000 Litre IBC

Version information: v1 l optimised 2013

Design and manufacture: designed and manufactured in Australia by Final Inspection