Peppermint Microfibre Wash 1L (34 fl oz) Refill

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Peppermint Microfibre Wash 1L (34 fl oz) Refill



1L Refill Pod

The best way to care for your high quality cloths is with Peppermint, the product designed to remove debris and stains quickly and efficiently from delicate fibres.

Peppermint cleans without fabric softeners (which ruin NanoFibre and Microfibre), Peppermint has microbial (anti-bacterial) ingredients which assist to inhibit mould/mould growth and odours.


Recommended use

- Spray directly onto cloths as a pre-soak immediately before washing

- As a washing detergent for Microfibre and NanoFibre

- As a soaking agent between use and wash for Microfibre or NanoFibre products.


Direction of use

It is important to soak your cloths in water with a little peppermint immediately after use. Especially after using Microfibre or NanoFibre with products that will harden around fibres such as sealants and waxes, it is extremely important to immediately soak your cloths in a solution of (preferably warm) water and Peppermint to stop the waxes from bonding to the fibres.

Final Inspection recommend preparing a bucket of 5 - 15 Litres of water (depending on how many cloths will be soaked) with 2-6 caps of Peppermint dissolved in it before starting any detailing work and saturating and soaking cloths as soon as possible after use, especially with waxes before washing. Clothes can be soaked overnight. This process will significantly assist in avoiding hardening fibres.

- Never use fabric softeners to condition NanoFibre (& Microfibre) Cloths.

- Never wash NanoFibre (& Microfibre) at water temps higher than 60 deg C.

- 'Spot' Stains by spraying Peppermint Wash directly onto NanoFibre (& Microfibre) and allowing no more than 5 min dwelling time prior to washing. Do not allow Peppermint to dry on cloths.

- Peppermint is very concentrated. 1 Cap (20ml) of Peppermint Wash cleans up to 40 Cloths.

- Do not overuse Peppermint by highly concentrating.


NanoFibre Care

Care of all NanoFibre products involves removal of dirt and debris as soon as possible with gentle cleaners. Final Inspection recommend Peppermint anti-bacterial NanoFibre wash solution, using no more than 60 deg water temperature.


Packaging: Traditional Final Inspection 1L Refill pod

Refill and professional sizes: 1 Litre l 5 Litre l 20 Litre l 1,000 Litre IBC

Version information: v1 l optimised 2016

Design and manufacture: Designed and manufactured by Final Inspection in Australia from Australian raw ingredients.