NanoFibre Wheel Cloth BULK 50 PACK

  • NanoFibre Wheel Cloth BULK 50 PACK
NanoFibre Wheel Cloth BULK 50 PACK NanoFibre Wheel Cloth BULK 50 PACK

NanoFibre Wheel Cloth BULK 50 PACK



Bulk Pack of 50 Wheel Cloths

The Final Inspection NanoFibre Wheel Cloth - a revolutionary new way to easily and quickly clean wheels, brake calipers and tyres that may contaminate the cloth with silicone, grease, abrasive brake pad dust, tar and many other extremely dirty materials, avoiding cross contamination onto other areas.

The NanoFibre Wheel Cloth is the best tool for wheel cleaning. It's tight looped hook weave and high gsm remove dirt and debris quickly reducing the mechanical action required on these sections of your vehicle that are difficult to polish.

With its generous size, this cloth will gently but effectively and efficiently remove weekly build-up of contaminants without hassle. Use your Wheel Cloth with Gloss Boost to lubricate your painted, powder coated or chrome wheels as you wipe away residual water from a wash as well as the trapped dirt that isn't completely removed during a wash leaving a glowing silky smooth finish that will assist in a quicker and easier clean on the following wash.

Wash new NanoFibre before first use



Yarn Denier: 0.01

Yarn Type: Multi Split

GSM: 300

Density: ~100,000 f/mm

Weave: Tight Hook

Size: 400 x 400mm (~15.8 x 15.8in)

Edge: Hand Sewn NanoFibre

Colour (Cloth/Edge): Blue/White

Packaging: Sealed Plastic Bag

Version Information: v2 l optimised 2010


NanoFibre Care

Care of all NanoFibre products involves removal of dirt and debris as soon as possible with gentle cleaners. Final Inspection recommend Peppermint anti-bacterial NanoFibre wash solution, using no more than 60deg water temperature. Do not use Fabric Softener.