NanoFibre 'Curvy Lady' Wash Mitt

  • NanoFibre 'Curvy Lady' Wash Mitt
NanoFibre 'Curvy Lady' Wash Mitt NanoFibre 'Curvy Lady' Wash Mitt NanoFibre 'Curvy Lady' Wash Mitt NanoFibre 'Curvy Lady' Wash Mitt NanoFibre 'Curvy Lady' Wash Mitt NanoFibre 'Curvy Lady' Wash Mitt NanoFibre 'Curvy Lady' Wash Mitt

NanoFibre 'Curvy Lady' Wash Mitt




The Curvy Lady. Part of the quickest, easiest and most comfortable washing experience.

The NanoFibre 'Curvy Lady' Wash Mitt is part of, arguably, the most important part of exterior maintenance.

With it's generous and comfortable shape and size, this tailored moquet weave mitt will gently but effectively and efficiently remove weekly build-up of temporary contaminants from your vehicles surfaces.


Why NanoFibre?

Unlike a sponge, a NanoFibre Mitt is properly machine washable, making it a much safer alternative. Why? Sponges have thousands or millions of cells that catch and harbour debris and that debris is re-introduced to your surface with every wash, along with ever increasing marring as the sponge fills with swirl inducing particles. The plastic used to make foam is also aggressive and creates additional marring, so even from the very first wipe, a NanoFibre Mitt is protecting your surfaces.



The Curvy Lady with its loose 'open end' NanoFibre will efficiently release debris when washed. The mitt is constructed with the highest quality so you can regularly clean the mitt during washes with your high pressure water unit or mains pressure water without damaging your curvy lady.

The Curvy Lady has an astonishing amount of the smallest multi-split NanoFibre packed together to reach 600 gsm making it super absorbent and incredibly effective at extracting and holding large amounts of fine debris and oils. Recommended for use on all exterior surfaces such as paint, glass and plastics and even fabric soft tops.

The NanoFibre Wash Mitt features robust hand sewn polyester over-locking which is completely concealed inside the mitt.



Wash new NanoFibre before first use.

Use the moquet weave wash mitt with the wash method developed by our in-house detailers to easily achieve perfect results every time. The method and processes were developed as a solution for fussy owners to help dramatically reduce swirls (micro scratches) and spider-webbing caused by sometimes incorrect washing techniques and materials. Find out more information here.



Yarn Denier: 0.01

Yarn Type: Multi Split

GSM: 600

Density: ~150,000 f/mm

Weave: Open End / Twisted Pile / Moquet Weave

Size: ~240 x ~150mm (~9.5 x ~5.9in)

Edge: Internal / Hidden (Hand Sewn Polyester)

Colour: Violet / White Internals

Packaging: Re-usable plastic box

Version Information: v2 l optimised 2014


NanoFibre Care

Care of all NanoFibre products involves removal of dirt and debris as soon as possible with gentle cleaners. Final Inspection recommend Peppermint anti-bacterial NanoFibre wash solution, using no more than 60deg water temperature.