Decontamination Clay

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  • Decontamination Clay

Decontamination Clay

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If you have a machine polisher, Final Inspection HIGHLY recommends an Eraser for mechanical decontamination.
The Eraser is faster, cheaper, less fatiguing and less abrasive.
If you can not utilise a machine to decontaminate, our Clay Bar is an extra fine grade for minimal marring.

Directions of use

Clean all exterior surfaces with Paint Pampering Body Shampoo and dry.
Only decontaminate vehicles in a clean area.

Spray surface with Final Inspection Lube Clay Lubricant and slide the clay bar across the surface to absorb contamination.
After surface is decontaminated, remove lubrication immediately with NanoFibre Paintwork Cloth.

When surface of clay bar is contaminated, soften a clay bar under warm water, turn clay bar into itself to reveal a clean surface and continue to decontaminate vehicle.

Do not ever apply any solvents to a clay as damage will result.
Store clay in clean container with a small amount of lubricant.