Clay Lube 500ml (16.91 fl oz)

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Clay Lube 500ml (16.91 fl oz)



'Lube' clay lubricant provides suspending & lubricating protection during the claying process.

If using Lube for the Eraser, dilute at a ratio of 1:10 with plain water as the Eraser requires far less lubrication.

It minimises contact with the paint surface which minimises marring whilst allowing the clay bar to capture contaminants sitting above the surface. Lube also lightly cleans the surface and helps to keep clay bars clean and soft/pliable.


Directions of use:

Clay can ONLY be used on Paintwork, Glass & Chrome.

Surfaces must be clean before use; we highly recommend thoroughly washing entire vehicle directly prior to decontaminating surfaces with Clay.

Mist panel thoroughly with Lubricant and mist Clay also. Don’t under use Clay Lube to avoid dry-rubbing and subsequent marring.

Work 1 panel at a time and immediately remove Lube with a NanoFibre Paintwork Cloth. Only Clay panels that are cool to touch to avoid Lubricant drying onto surface. Mist inside of Clay Box to help stop Clay Bar from sticking to internal storage surfaces.


Packaging: Traditional Final Inspection 500ml refillable pump pack w/ variable control trigger

Refill and professional sizes: 1 Litre l 5 Litre l 20 Litre l 1,000 Litre IBC

Version information: v3 l optimised 2014

Design and manufacture: designed and manufactured in Australia from Australian raw ingredients.