CAP Ultra Fine 'Jewellers Rouge' 275ml (9.3 fl oz)

  • CAP Ultra Fine 'Jewellers Rouge' 275ml (9.3 fl oz)

CAP Ultra Fine 'Jewellers Rouge' 275ml (9.3 fl oz)



CAP Ultra Fine™ also known amoungst Final Inspection detailers as 'Jewellers Rouge' is a very high glossing, final step, water-based clustered abrasive polish for very light swirl removal and high glossing of clear and non-clearcoated paintwork, acrylic (taillights), polycarbonate (headlights), glass and gel coat (marine).

CAP Ultra Fine is silicone-free, sling-free, dust-free, ceramic clear coat compatible and approved by many European OEM. Achieves 90gu+ gloss rating. The highest of any available auto polish.

Designed to remove hologramming, very light swirls and to refine surfaces to deliver extremely high gloss levels, CAP Ultra Fine utilises sub 1 micron abrasives used in jewellery manufacturing.
Not for use on uncoated plastics such as black plastic trim.


Directions of use
For best results;

Rotary machine recommended pads & speeds

90mm Orange Foam (HD) @ 1400-1600rpm

150mm Orange Foam (HD) @ 1200-1400rpm

90mm Black Foam (LD) @ 1400-1600rpm

150mm Black Foam (LD) @ 1200-1400rpm

150mm White Foam (SLD) @ 900-1200rpm

Random orbit machine recommended pads & speeds

135mm Orange Foam (HD) @ 5,ooo - 8,ooo opm

150mm Orange Foam (HD) @ 5,ooo - 8,ooo opm

150mm Black Foam (LD) @ 5,ooo - 8,ooo opm

Correction Characteristics

Orange HD foam - very light cutting w/ high gloss

Black LD foam - very light cutting w/ very high gloss

White SLD foam - no correction characteristics w/ jewelling (extremely high gloss)


A much more elaborate explanation of the recommended Final Inspection process and alternatives are available by clicking here.


Packaging: 275ml re-fillable sample squeeze pack w/ pop top

Other sizes: 355ml FIFO Pro Pack l 1 Litre l 5 Litre l 20 Litre

Version information: v2 l optimised 2013

Design and manufacture: designed in Australia l manufactured in Italy