CAP Medium 1L (33.8 fl oz)

  • CAP Medium 1L (33.8 fl oz)

CAP Medium 1L (33.8 fl oz)



CAP Medium is a is an intermediate level, one-step, water-based clustered abrasive polish for light scratch and heavy swirl removal.
Sensational on clear and non-clear coated paintwork, acrylic (tail lights), polycarbonate (headlights), glass and gel coat (marine).
CAP Medium is silicone-free, sling-free, dust-free, ceramic clear coat compatible and approved by many European OEM. Achieves 70-80gu gloss rating.

Intermediate and Single-Step polishing compound designed to remove light scratches and heavy swirling.
Remove very light scratches and moderate swirling and achieve a wax-ready finish with CAP Medium and an Orange HD pad.
Remove light swirling and hologramming and achieve very high gloss levels with CAP Medium and a Black LD pad
Not for use on uncoated plastics such as black plastic trim.


Directions of use

For best results;Rotary machine recommended pads & speeds

90mm white foam (SHD) @ 1600-1800rpm

150mm white foam (SHD) @ 1400-1600rpm

90mm Orange Foam (HD) @ 1400-1600rpm

150mm Orange Foam (HD) @ 1200-1400rpm

Random orbit machine recommended pads & speeds

135mm white foam (SHD) @ 5,ooo - 8,ooo opm

150mm white foam (SHD) @ 5,ooo - 8,ooo opm

135mm Orange Foam (HD) @ 5,ooo - 8,ooo opm

150mm Orange Foam (HD) @ 5,ooo - 8,ooo opm

Correction Characteristics

White foam - heavy cutting w/ medium gloss

Orange Foam - Intensive Medium Cutting w/ High Gloss

Black Foam - Light Cutting w/ Very High Gloss




Packaging: 1 Litre Bottle

Other sizes: 275ml l 355ml FIFO Pro Pack l 5 Litre l 20 Litre

Version information: v2 l optimised 2012

Design and Manufacture: Designed in Australia l Manufactured in Germany