BRUTUS Rotary Polisher

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  • BRUTUS Rotary Polisher
BRUTUS Rotary Polisher BRUTUS Rotary Polisher BRUTUS Rotary Polisher BRUTUS Rotary Polisher BRUTUS Rotary Polisher BRUTUS Rotary Polisher

BRUTUS Rotary Polisher

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Brutus, the professional rotary polisher, designed by detailers, for detailers.
Learn about all machines and where the rotary polisher fits in a system with this video by our in-house detailer.



- 1ooo watt

- 14mm thread

- Designed for 5" pads and spins up to 6''

- Balanced design (~75% front heavy )

- Ultra compact head, slim and comfortable body and tail

- low 750rpm idle with Ramptronic curves up to 3250rpm

- lightweight (2.5kg) glass fibre reinforced polypropylene shell w/rubber overmold


- Brutus

- 14mm/125mm active backing plate

- Spare carbon brushes

- 'Shorty' side handle

- Fabric carry bag.

- Spindle wrench



Brutus will accept The Exxender, all Final Inspection backing plates from 75mm to 125mm and is designed with the CAP range of polishes.

Designed by and for professional detailers, Brutus has an ultra compact head, measuring in with 20mm more clearance than the most comparable compact professional polisher pictured (also 20mm slimmer at the widest point and 40mm shorter nose to tail) and up to 75mm more compact than a popular competitor, allowing you to polish under wings and around mirror caps easier.

Brutus has a body of robust glass fibre reinforced polypropylene with mechanically and chemically rubberised over-molding for comfort and ergonomic groves for grip in the right areas.

Easy access to brushes, (spare set included with machine).

Accessory ports on both sides for Lucian and the included 'shorty' side handle.

Speed dial located ideally for left and right handed users avoiding the need to remove your hand from control of the machine.

SPEED 1: slow start to 750rpm idle   
SPEED 2: medium ramp to 1250rpm 
SPEED 3: medium ramp to 1750rpm
SPEED 4: medium ramp to 2250rpm
SPEED 5:   fast ramp to 2750rpm     
SPEED 6:   fast ramp to 3,250rpm    



Rotary correction motivation.
Since a rotary polisher is the most efficient correction tool a high-end professional detailer will have available, you will find it in use often in our content.