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The world's best leather cleaner, Leather Clean and leather conditioner/moisturiser, 'Feed', leather care products designed and manufactured by Final Inspection Car Care Products.

Leather Clean is a very high quality, highly concentrated deep cleaner that avoids aggressively removing hydration whilst cleaning semi-aniline and PU coated leather, the two most common types of leather in mass produced vehicles.

Leather Clean should be used in small quantities to efficiently clean leather and stitching when required.

'Feed' replaces hydration and should be used regularly, it's recommended to feed leather every month regardless of the amount of use of the vehicle.


Leather Clean delivers perfect results on the following materials

- All types of semi-aniline leather (usually high-end luxury vehicles)
- All types of PU coated leather (most mass-produced vehicles)


When should I clean my leather?

You should clean leather when it is required.  Unlike feeding which is recommended once per month regardless of use, there are no set time intervals for leather cleaning, instead, we recommend to maintain clean leather as it is necessary.


Why is a dedicated cleaner and feeder better than an all in one product?

Replacing hydration at the same time as cleaning is a cumbersome and thus inefficient method of maintaining leather. 

Dedicated cleaners should be used to remove debris before a moisturiser, designed to sink deep into the leather, is applied.

It is highly recommended to clean leather, however, Final Inspection 'Feed' does contain a very small amount of cleaners designed to remove only very light soiling.

For instance, for vehicles that aren't very dirty and/or aren't used very often, it will be unnecessary to use a dedicated cleaner often.


Directions of use

If heavily soiled, first wipe with a damp Final Inspection NanoFibre Interior Cloth.

Apply a few sprays of Leather Clean to a damp Final Inspection NanoFibre Applicator (yellow) and agitate dirty leather including stitching regularly checking how much dirt the applicator is absorbing.
Regularly rinse applicator with warm water.
Once clean, GENTLY wipe dry leather with a dry NanoFibre Interior Cloth.

Replace hydration to leather with Final Inspection Feed after each and every clean.
Clean leather only when necessary.  Feed leather every month regardless of use.

To feed, apply a coin sized drop of Leather Feed onto a clean and dry Final Inspection NanoFibre Interior Applicator (yellow) and prime the applicator by spreading the feed around and into the applicator.

Do not remove leather 'Feed' from leather, instead, allow up to 5-10 minutes for leather to accept nourishment and return to a dry state with no gloss.  If leather returns dry in less than 1 minute, it may require more hydration, it is recommended to re-apply.


May I 'feed' vinyl or leatherette?

Whilst Final Inspection Leather Feed will not damage vinyl, plastic, MB Tech or any other kind of leatherette, it is futile feeding these synthetic materials.

Leather Feed won't be accepted by these materials and the surfaces will most likely remain greasy, the product will then require removal or will be removed by clothing.

Final Inspection suggests not moisturising vinyls with feed as well as cleaning them with Leather Clean Gel, instead, clean synthetic materials with Interior Cleanse for its superior cleaning power and reduced cost.  Do not clean leather with Interior Cleanse.


May I use leather clean in my home or office?

Of course, leather Clean and Leather 'Feed' may be used on all types of leather as part of good maintenance, separate products are not required for leather sofas etc.


Leather Clean

version information:  v2  l  optimised 2017
country of origin:  designed and manufactured in Australia from 100% Australian ingredients.


Leather Feed

version information:  v2  l  optimised 2017
country of origin:  designed and manufactured in Australia from Australian and Japanese ingredients.



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