Just The Tip: Episode 5; Detailing Business
Here is the (12min) video version of the written article, below.  Enjoy :)

This video was made with many assumptions, estimations and ball park figures, for instance, the GST calculation is incorrect, it's rounded to $75, but is in fact $68.18.  Does it matter?  Not at all.  Is it important to note it somewhere?  Probably, so here it is.

The point of the advice even given the, as Damian stated, 'back-of-the-envelope' figures remains accurate and whilst the tone of the video is negative and to be honest, kind of demoralising, it's sometimes important to be brutally honest, especially when ploughing forward with such a venture and having it fail so quickly and spectacularly as it often does is far more ugly.

We hope you enjoy or at least find entertaining and/or enlightening this gritty episode of Just The Tip :)



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