Friday Night Live : September 2018

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Friday September 28th 2018 : 1969 Morris Mini 1100 (35min)
This week long time Final Inspection customer Krystian joins us again, this time in front of the camera, he pours CC & Dry for Damian and special guest and new Final Inspection customer, Jarrod who had his 1969 Morris Mini 1100 in #TheCleanroom for the decontamination from hell.

Whilst we do discuss the detailing job, this episode is mostly about this immaculate little Mini, it's purchase and extensive restoration and the amazing story that goes along with it.

Definitely our most emotionally charged episode to date, we thank Jarrod for his time, candour and effort to bring us a job all the way from Echuca AND one of those epic build stories with a twist, one we'll remember forever.




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