Friday Night Live : October 2018

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Friday September 28th 2018 : 1969 Porsche 356B (30min)
This week long time Final Inspection customer and FNL veteran, Maurizio joins us to enjoy a swig of Brandy, talk Porsche 356 detail and answer customer questions about the correction work.  We chat about the popular Mustang and issues relating to paintwork and Damian announces some minor changes to some products in the Final Inspection range, namely Wheel Clean and Body Shampoo.

It's the third last Friday Night Live episode for 2018 and, due to us unable to justify the poor view counts with a commitment to more episodes, most likely the last FNL ever.  Sad.  Face.  Emoticon.
So enjoy the latest episode whilst it's fresh!

Wheel Clean and Body Shampoo product updates
We've listened to your feedback regarding unreliable triggers on certain products and as a good company we believe it's best to listen and act as quickly as possibly without any nonsense.

We still haven't understood why triggers break, but we have lots of data now and even though 98% of our products have no issues, when there is an issue it's almost always triggers on Wheel Clean and Body Shampoo 500ml products.  To remedy this we've been rolling out a replacement trigger for all Wheel Clean 500ml products sold in the last month and haven't had a single failure reported, which is good.

Body Shampoo will receive a packaging only update shortly in the form of a pop top that will replace the trigger.  Final Inspection detailers have been using the pop top to dispense product for almost a year and we're preferring it to a spray application.  We intend to implement this update to all retail packaging by year end.

Thank you for your feedback, support and loyalty.



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