Friday Night Live : November 2018

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FNL may contain some naughty words and cheeky references.  These videos are produced for mature viewers, please be aware of this and enjoy :)


Friday Movember 30th 2018 : Holden Monaro (12min)
This week long time Final Inspection customer and FNL veteran, Maurizio joins us, again, to enjoy a refreshing Bergamont drink, perfect for summer.  We talk about washing the Monaro we coated almost 6 years ago in Full metal Jacket Paint Protection that has been kept uncovered (as it should) in a factory with only one wash since it's detail and application.

We answer questions about our arrogance describing ourselves as the best detailers, our waffle weave drying towel pre-wash warnings, spray on coatings and lots more.

It's the second last Friday Night Live episode ever!  Sad. Face. Emoticon.
Another small bump in production quality as we've further increased the budget makes this the best FNL we've made so far.  Enjoy, thank you for your support...

Full Metal Jacket Paint Protection

6 years of protection and no sign of any wear whatsoever.  That's pretty impressive even if we do say so ourselves.  This particular example isn't the norm, the fact it's been driven rarely, just enough to exercise it, is the reason.  We have seen daily drives with 5 year old coats of Full Metal Jacket that are still providing protection, but they are low km, garaged cars with impeccable maintenance regimes from the owners, 6-7 years is the limit (for the version of FMJ we had 6-7 years ago) for cars that are used daily.

We fully expect with these new real world results, to see 15 years or more from this coating.  This makes Full Metal Jacket one of the best (if not THE best) coating for cars that are stored long term.

Here is the Summer Wash video Damian refers to in this month's ep of FNL;

Waffle Weave Drying Towel (Mini and Large) Pre-Wash
As with all detailing products, especially chemicals, you should be careful.
Whilst we VERY rarely have any issues with our products, we do have some of our drying towels that hold a clump of the powdered dye we use to colour them.
When the towel is new and dry it is unnoticeable and when it's wet, if there is a clump of dye it's likely to become uber saturated and that dye will leak and may stain a surface.  It's very highly unlikely to stain anything glossy like paint, even less so to stain chrome or glass, but it is very likely it will stain porous films such as vinyl wrap or polyurethane stone chip protection film, especially if they are matte.
When we first created the product and tested there weren't any issues, but with many drivers brandishing aftermarket films, many of them matte, this issue is more likely to occur.

Final Inspection isn't responsible for any damage, so we are warnings very clear and highly recommending that you pre-wash your cloths, drying towels or otherwise, when they are new, regardless of the brand as this isn't a Final Inspection issue, it's been found to occur on dozens of brands and types of cloths.
In the mean time we've made arrangements to reduce the possibility of the issue and will maintain efforts until it is no longer an issue, whatever that takes.

Thanks for taking a look, we hope you've enjoyed.
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