Friday Night Live : November 2017

Continuing with our commitment to world class support for our customers, Friday Night Live is a project to help enthusiasts (and professional detailers) understand what we do, we offer advice for maintenance and repair of vehicles from a detailing perspective in a very relaxed format.

This content features our tradesmen (and sometimes customers) talking shop over a, usually alcoholic drink on a Friday night.  We do attempt to remove the expletives, but there may be some naughty words and cheeky references.


Friday November 3rd 2017 : Fiat 500
This Friday Night we enjoy an espresso, Damian debunks the foam wash and gets angry about it, we chat about general safety when detailing and Dom has a giveaway.

Please don't hesitate to comment with a question for the next episode, Enjoy! :)


Friday November 10th 2017 : F40
Tonight we have our first special guest!
Maurizio, a very old, very loyal customer.  Together we chat, again, about the F40 -because apparently you can't have enough of this rolling art (we agree).

We take him around the block and see what he thought of his dream car now that he's heard and felt it -we've been promising to organise this for him for about 5 years.

We answer questions from customers as usual including a great one from Carl regarding protection of a new car with matte paint.
We also talk about our new concentrated formulae and how to dilute them.
It's a smidgen under 20 minutes of great info as usual and we're back with a good helping of more of that F40 porn you guys (and admittedly we too) can't get enough of (care of Bespoke Imaging).

Enjoy, as always, keep them questions coming, make 'em tough ones for the old #DetailStig


Friday November 17th 2017 : XR8 (FG X) Sprint
A long 30 minute episode with another special guest, Karl Misso from the FG X Owners Club, we answer two questions about lighting your vehicle for maximum imperfection spotting power and talk about the blow drying fad.
We also drive Karl's FG X XR8 Sprint, properly, and deliver you much muscly aural goodness -so grab a pair of decent headphones and crank it up to 11.



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