Friday Night Live : May 2018

Friday Night Live is a project that continues our commitment to world class support for our customers. We aim to help enthusiasts (and professional detailers) understand what we do and offer advice for maintenance and repair of vehicles from a detailing perspective in a very relaxed, hopefully very enjoyable format.

Produced for a mature audience, this content features our tradesmen (and sometimes customers) talking shop over a, usually alcoholic drink on a Friday night.  We do attempt to remove the expletives, but there may be some naughty words and cheeky references.


Friday May 25th 2018 : Nissan GTR : Live Studio Audience : 30min

This week we come to you with a live studio audience, a freshly Full Metal Jacket coated 700hp R35 GTR, we offer franchise mob pizza that our guests kindly refuse (as expected), Menebrea beer (delicious), we chat buckets and foam for the last time (promise), Damian takes questions and a fair bit of crap from each member of the audience and lots, lots more.



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