Friday Night Live : March 2018

Friday Night Live is a project that continues our commitment to world class support for our customers. We aim to help enthusiasts (and professional detailers) understand what we do and offer advice for maintenance and repair of vehicles from a detailing perspective in a very relaxed, hopefully very enjoyable format.

Produced for a mature audience, this content features our tradesmen (and sometimes customers) talking shop over a, usually alcoholic drink on a Friday night.  We do attempt to remove the expletives, but there may be some naughty words and cheeky references.


Friday March 30th 2018 : Mercedes-Benz G63 Matte Black

In this ep of FNL we talk, mostly, about The Eraser and how it revolutionised the decontamination step when we starting using it (in 2010) and when it was released to our customers (in 2012).

The feature car is blurred as the manufacturer hasn't released it yet.  We'll upload images as the embargo on them is lifted.

We answer another questions from regular customer Matt about polishing and we talk, yet again, about what complete nonsense the bucket washing and foam washing fads are. 


The Eraser

The Eraser is the fastest and best way to decontaminate any exterior surface of any automotive product.  It's a polymer based materials applied to a quality foam base that has Veclro® brand hook and loop adhered also.  This allows the Eraser to be used by hand with a Velcro Assist, or by machine, for instance the Velvet Revolver, to achieve better results, much, much faster than a clay bar could.

The Eraser is faster than a clay bar because of it's ability to be powered by a machine at faster movements than a detailer can physically push a bar back and forth, but whilst that's obviously a huge benefit to professionals, that's not the big selling point for enthusiasts.

The revolutionary characteristic here is the fact that the Eraser doesn't hold onto the contaminants it removes like a cay bar does, it 'sucks' the contaminants from the surface and drops them into the lube which is then removed by the cloth you use to remove the lubricant.

So, when you move to the next area to decontaminate, the Eraser doesn't drag those contaminants around.  A clay constantly collects those contaminants and re-introduces them to the surface in ever increasing quantities creating swirling as a result.  The Eraser, used properly, doesn't ever create any significant swirling, on 99% of surfaces, no visible imperfections will be created.

Another happy side effect is that The Eraser requires 10 times less lubrication to safely 'erase' the surface in comparison to a clay bar.  That's a significant cost saving to any detailer, especially professionals.  Final Inspection recommends you dilute our 'Lube' 1:10 (with mains water) for use with the Eraser, use Lube in its concentrated form for use with a traditional clay bar.

The Eraser lasts longer than a clay bar, the typical clay bar could decontaminate about 10 cars before it's no longer useful and the Eraser will achieve twice that number at least before performance is significantly reduced.

So, with the introduction of the Eraser in 2010 came great leaps in efficiency.  It's a true revolution for the industry.


G63 : Matte Black

Mercedes-Benz G63 : Matte Black : Bespoke



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