Friday Night Live : July 2018

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Friday July 27th 2018 : SL500 (35min)
Tonight we celebrate another German product delivery, we drink a local Furphy Beer though, we have two interstate visitors, father and son, super keen Final Inspection customers Brett and Mitch Pember.  Brett is on screen with regular Final Inspection customer who isn't new to appearing in our videos, Karl Misso, a moderator of the Ford Falcon FG X Facebook group, (check 'em out if you own one).

The safe word is pilgrimage for obvious reasons, the feature car is the almost new but still current SL500.  Damian describes it as a gloriously smooth, and a little wicked as a daily sportster, there are carefully recorded noises from the termination point of its Bi-Turbo V8 along with Damian's very brief narration of what's it's like to have a spirited drive with the top down in Benz's big drop-top GT.

We chat about A LOT. There's even talk about Damian's first car which Karl actually praises!  We guaratnee there's no other footage anywhere on the internet where such a die hard Ford man praises a VL commodore -you saw it here first folks :)

We talk NanoFibre, cheap microfibre, Dark Matter, Full Metal Jacket Spray Wax, Final Inspection chemistry and optimisations, the new version of Boost and a lot, lot more. It's a big one, so come on in, there's three of us at the table, #TheCleanroom is nice and cosy tonight :)

Bespoke Detail : G Professional (2min)
Mentioned in the episode are these G Klasse Professionals we detailed a year ago for Mercedes-Benz Australia.  Damian mistook Brett for the new G63 we detailed about 6 months ago.

G Klasse Professional : Mixed : Bespoke

Rejuvenation Detail : SL65 AMG (1min)
Also mentioned in the episode is this SL65 AMG.

Mercedes-Benz SL65 AMG : Grey : Rejuvenation
Rejuvenation Detail : SL500 (1min)
Coming soon.



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