Friday Night Live : June 2018

Friday Night Live - Supporting our customers, supporting our industry.
FNL is a project to help enthusiasts (and professional detailers) understand what we do.  We offer advice for maintenance and repair of vehicles from a detailing perspective in a very relaxed format.  We're committed to a new high quality video on the last Friday of each month.  All videos are available on our Facebook Page, our YouTube channel, but with the most content right here in this blog.

FNL may contain some naughty words and cheeky references.  These videos are produced for mature viewers, please be aware of this and enjoy :)


Friday June 29th 2018 : Photography Special (45min)
This month we celebrate our first shipment to Malta, with a Kinnie!
It's the last Friday of the month, so it's spiked, of course.

This episode has no detailing chatter whatsoever, its entirely dedicated to car photography, so, if that ain't your thing it'll be best to skip this ep.  
We encourage you to give it a shot though, there are heaps of fantastic images of cool cars inside.

Damian explains how he achieves what most of you see on our Facebook page, on this Final Inspection website and in our gallery. 99% of the images (and video) by Final Inspection since 2004 have been captured by Damian, so you'll hear first hand what he reveals is best practice for capturing his brand of car images.

The feature car is one of Damian's all-time favourite super cars, the brilliantly late 80's slash early 90's Ferrari 348 in a rare colour combination -so very retro cool.

Ferrari 348 Spyder : Blue : Concours

Damian's very happy to answer any and all questions, so, if after this video you still have them, put 'em in the comments section.  The video answer to the only question in this ep is here, enjoy that :D

Enjoy the latest and greatest FNL ep yet,it's jam-packed full of goodness -and have a great weekend!


    If you'd like to see Damian's non-car related work, you can visit Bespoke Imaging's Facebook page or Instagram account.



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