Friday Night Live : January 2018

Continuing with our commitment to world class support for our customers, Friday Night Live is a project to help enthusiasts (and professional detailers) understand what we do, we offer advice for maintenance and repair of vehicles from a detailing perspective in a very relaxed format.

This content features our tradesmen (and sometimes customers) talking shop over a, usually alcoholic drink on a Friday night.  We do attempt to remove the expletives, but there may be some naughty words and cheeky references.


Friday January 26th 2018 : 'The Cleanroom'

In this episode of FNL we discuss aviation detailing and maintenance as well as head up into the blue with Justin. We talk to Peter about our new 'Cleanroom' explaining why and how we built it and we drink Victoria Bitter, because it's Australia Day!



The Cleanroom

Here are some images of vehicles in The Cleanroom with upgrades carried out since this episode was produced, from our Flickr account...


Audi RS3 : Grey
Audi RS3 : Grey



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