Friday Night Live : October 2017

Continuing with our commitment to world class support for our customers, Friday Night Live is a project help enthusiasts (and professional detailers) understand what we do, we offer advice for maintenance and repair of vehicles from a detailing perspective in a very relaxed format.

    Friday Night Live began as a pilot, we then produced a short, low budget episode each week and we're now committed to a well produced new video on the last Friday of each month.  All videos are available on our Facebook Page, our YouTube channel and right here in this blog.


    Heads up, this content features our tradesmen (and sometimes customers) talking shop over a, usually alcoholic drink on a Friday night.  We do attempt to remove the expletives, but there may be some naughty words and cheeky references.  These videos are produced for mature viewers, please be aware of this and enjoy :)


    Friday October 13th 2017 : Lamborghini Diablo
    Apologies in advance for the audio, we were in our workshop on a windy night, also, there's a bald #DetailStig with a bad sense of humour and a much more attractive, very nervous #StigAssist who has never been on camera before.

    This ep is a quick re-cap of what we've been up to this week as well as reiterating our commitment to talking about sweet cars over coffee (or another fine beverage) as we do almost every Friday night here at Final Inspection Auto Boutique.

    Please don't hesitate to comment with a question for the next episode, yell obscenities at your screen etc.  Enjoy!


    Friday October 20th 2017 : Honda Type R


    Part One : 8min
    This Friday Night catch up is long, so we've broken it into two parts, in the first ep the #DetailStig and #StigAssist answer questions submitted to Final Inspection by customers Peter Doolan and Mathew Gibb as well as talk (rant) about a Honda Type R detail whilst drinking, probably a little too much, 'Limoncello'.




    Part Two : 12min
    This is PART TWO of the Friday Night Catch Up for October the 20th, 2017.

    We answer more questions about polishing, including responding to a troll with poor grammar and detailing knowledge, we have a little more 'Limoncello' and discuss what our wives think of our 'podcasts'.




    Friday October 27th 2017 : Ferrari F40 : 15min
    This 'Friday Night' we get angry about the BS bucket method, we taste beer!
    We slip up and curse more than once and the glorious Ferrari F40, Damian's favourite, is back, now with sexy LM bits.


    That's it for October.  Join us for another blog post chock full of information and entertainment in November 2017:)



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