Friday Night Live October 2017

Continuing on with our commitment to support for customers, Friday Night Live is an effort to help customers understand what we do as detailers and a way to offer advice for maintenance and repair of your vehicle from a car care perspective in a very relaxed and enjoyable format.

Friday Night Live was a trial, however, Final Inspection has now committed to a 12 month long stint.  Friday Night Live videos are released on the last Friday of each month and aired on our Facebook Page first, then our YouTube channel and this blog shortly after.


October 2017 : Honda Type R

This Friday Night catch up is long, so we've broken it into two parts, this is PART ONE. In this ep the #DetailStig and #StigAssist answer questions submitted to Final Inspection by customers Peter Doolan and Mathew Gibb as well as talk (rant) about a Honda Type R detail whilst drinking, probably a little too much 'Limoncello'.



Heads up, whilst we attempt to remove any and all expletives in our videos, they may contain some naughty words.  We make our videos for mature audiences.  Enjoy :)

 Part One;
Part Two;



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