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Final Inspection has been creating content since we were established in 1997 and producing videos since 2002, mostly for sharing between other professional detailers and some Final Inspection customers on various forums, we began uploading content to our YouTube channel in 2005.

Initially our founder, Damian, created very raw, very low quality, very poorly produced, but very popular still images and video usually captured on his mobile device which in 2005 wasn't great, even by 2005's standards! :)

Above: Damian's father moments before beginning on a Honda Australia TVC


Today Damian is still making sure Final Inspection has plenty of quality content for customers.  This thread is a hub for all that content, organised so it's easy to find!



This is our home for still images of our detailing work.  We endeavour to have a few galleries of different types of images.  Of the 4TB (!) of still images we've collected since 1997 (not including analogue era film that's yet to be digitised), this collection is 1000 of the most recent images organised by vehicle, enjoy.

Final Inspection Gallery



This is a new playlist, so please be patient whilst we populate it with new videos, the aim here is to explain the theory behind detailing practices, processes and materials.

Damian sits above a white board and uses it to better explain the answers to questions that we regularly have from customers at our workshop and by email and phone.  These episodes will build on each other so should be watched in order and will provide a good knowledge base for any serious enthusiast and even professional detailers keen to know the theory behind the processes.

Our favourite episode so far is episode #1; Washing.  The most basic, but most important maintenance process every car owner should understand.  Enjoy...




We had lots of fun creating FNL episodes and would like to thank Dom and Maurizio for co-hosting.

FNL began in 2014 as live Facebook posts, we eventually massaged FNL into a highly produced pre-recorded series for 2018

You can find all 18 Friday Night Live episodes in our playlist on YouTube, here, one for each month plus a few extras, enjoy :)

Please note that FNL is produced for a mature audience with some cheeky words and references peppered throughout every episode in the series.

Our favourite episode was the tiny 'original' Mini and the epic story that came with it courtesy of Jarrod, which almost had us a little teary.  Many thanks to Krystian for co-hosting.



We've been churning out quality instructional videos for over a decade and we keep adding and replacing them with updates.

Everything from how to's on cleaning wheels to feeding leather, polishing watermarks out of glass -it's all been covered and constantly updated in ever increasing quality in the 'Instructionals' playlist.

Our favourite is this 'How To Polish Glass'



Randomly, Damian would chat with customers on camera.  Some of those older videos can be interesting, they are available in the Chatterbox playlist.  They are usually longer, mostly talking heads in an interview format with little to no other content attached and minimal editing.  A notable video is Damian talking to an American podcast about his processes and business style;



Also randomly, Final Inspection customers would opt for full video documentation of our services on their rides, some of those videos are made public and can be very interesting, they are available in the Detailing playlist.  They are often short and sweet, highly condensed and show lots of the technicalities Damian and team use to achieve the finish, something they are longer, highly produced and heavily edited.

Videos of interest to you may be this Ferrari F40 Concours Detail, highly detailing video covering almost all of the process in our flagship service.

Or this XR8 detail where we enjoyed a night out with the customer after collection of what was then thought as the last Falcon to leave teh now defunct Ford Australia factory who Final Inspection were in negotiations with months before closure.

An emotional detail and time spent with a super enthusiastic return customer who not only features in this video, but many Final Inspection videos from podcasts to Friday Night Live. A good look at some of beautiful Melbourne city also :)



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